Point Montara is one of the quaintest lighthouses on the California Coast. It has a Youth Hostel for overnighting, a fog signal building, and a keepers house.

Unfortunatly, the side facing inland is blackened. The fog signal building is to the right.

Youth Hostel to the left. Keepers House to the right. View previous panorama.

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The pathway leads from the lightstation and hostel to a secluded beach.

Location :
16th Street & Highway 1
Montara, California
Region : Central Coast
Nearest Cities :
Montara, Half Moon Bay (South 7 Miles), San Francisco (North 25 Miles)
Interests :
Grounds Keeper House, adjacent beach, Youth Hostel, fog-signal building.
Official Website :
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Related Websites :
Montara Youth Hostel
Comments :
This is only accessable during arrival and departure times of people at the Youth Hostel. See their website for times.
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