Two words ... San Diego.

Even though Old Point Loma lighthouse was closed off for renovations (we should have called before hand), being in San Diego alone was worth the trip.

Oh yeah, the lighthouse... The renovations are now complete and we'll have to go back for more in depth coverage.

However, what is here should give an idea of what is to come.

This area is so beautifull.

This lighthouse was built at the end of a peninsula, but was abandoned after realizing the elevation of the lighthouse beacon was too high to be seen from the ocean or harbor under any fog bank and was obscured by any low cloud layer. A new lightstation was built on the Pacific Ocean side which is in operation.

This lightouse is lit in the evening only for asthetic purposes whereas the light source is offset, lowered four inches resulting in a dimmed light. Well, at least they still light it.

A side note: the similarities between Old Point Loma and Point Pinos lighthouses are uncanny.

The grounds here at Cabrillo national monument encompasses an extraordinary fauna exibit. Growing up, my dad pointed out these really obsure plants to the family whenever we went on any outing. Would you believe that I haven't seen most of those plants since then till we visited this place? Weird, but cool.

Cabrillo National Monument in the distance overlooking San Diego Harbor.

Viewed from the Pacific Ocean side.

Looking down onto the New Point Loma Lightstation. Being a military installation, access is by advance appointment only. An access road leads down to the new lighthouse location and parking for access to the tide pools and marine research and observation area.

The Pacific Ocean and the breeze that comes from accross it... sunny... warm...

San Diego... we'll be coming back here soon... ... ... to take more lighthouse photos that is. Yeah, that's it. Lighthouse photos.

Location :
Cabrillo National Monument
1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive
San Diego, CA 92106
Region : Southern Coast
Nearest Cities :
San Diego, Carlsbad & Oceanside (North 20 miles)
Interests :
Museum, Cabrillo National Monument, vista overlooking Pacific Ocean and the San Diego Harbor, nature trails, New Point Loma Lighthouse at sea level, tide pools, marine research area. San Diego greater metropolitan area has a vast array of attractions - see related websites for a partial list.
Official Website :
Old Point Loma Lighthouse
Related Websites :

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San Diego Zoo and Wildlife Park (hiked 95% of the zoo)
LegoLand (cool! and kids loved it too!)

Comments :
Who cares if it was closed or not.
S-A-N D-I-E-G-O. Just go.
Copyright 2003 Ed Litfin