Fort Point Light Station sits on top of 'Fort Point'. Fort Point was the line of defense into the San Francisco Bay. At the base of The Presidio, It is now a museum. The Golden Gate Bridge was built over the Fort.

Looking North on the image to the left. San Francisco Bay in distance.

Looking West on the image to the Right. The Pacific Ocean.

On the East side of Fort Point.

Inside Fort Point.
Location :
Marina Drive & Long Avenue
San Francisco, CA
Region : San Francisco Bay Area
Nearest Cities :
San Francisco, Sausalito (North Peninsula)
Interests :
Museum, Heavy Fortress
Official Website :
Fort Point
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Presidio of San Francisco
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
San Francisco Recreation & Park Department

Comments :
The East Coast has their fortresses, we have ours. What nostalgia for a bygone era. Must see for all ages. Great viewing under the Golden Gate bridge.
Copyright 2003 Ed Litfin