Consider this site a museum of sorts. There are many lighthouses in California whereas some are still in operation and some are in ruins. All of them have legends and lore of their own to discover. This site is presented in a gallery format to give a glimps of what you will see and feel when visiting.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse is what started this 'hobby'. We were on our way home from a weekend at Santa Cruz and just drove North on Highway 1. I don't think we really ever noticed it before. We saw a flash of light in the distance and came up to it, pulled off on the coastal access road (Pigeon Point Road), and there is was - Pigeon Point Lighthouse. It was breathtaking. We actively sought out other lighthouses as well as returning to most of them offen. So, here within is a continuing collection of images and panoramas of California's Lighthouses. My hope is to also offer sound files and movies in the near future. eRealms will continue to expand covering other subjects of fascination in the real world as time goes on. Enjoy.
- Ed Litfin

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