Alcatraz Island Lightstation sits in the mouth of the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. Alcatraz Island was once a prison, it is now a museum. Ferrys from local marinas and wharfs take tours out to the island. Viewed from Treasure Island - midpoint between Oakland and San Francisco.

Viewed from the South a top the pedestrian bridge at Pier 39.

Location :
Alcatraz Island , California
Region : San Francisco Bay Area
Nearest Cities :
San Francisco
Interests :
Museum, former federal penitentury, accessable by ferry, San Francisco, it's Wharf and Piers (i.e. Pier 39, et all.).
Official Website :
Alcatraz Island
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Comments :
You'll never get board here, period. The wharf, piers and surrounds in San Francisco - top 10 favorite places in California.
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